Common Questions

How do I know therapy can help me?
I can tell you that I've helped people with a wide array of concerns feel better. But you'll know for yourself only when you have begun the process. Therapy can be a path toward the change you desire in your life.

What therapy services do you provide?
I offer individual and family therapy.

Individual therapy --When life seems overwhelming and it becomes difficult to navigate the day-to-day challenges, individual counseling can help. I'll explore with you the roots of your discomfort, and most important, work with you to find solutions.

Family therapy --It's often helpful to work as a family when addressing relationship conflict, parent/teen issues and substance abuse and eating disorders. I offer family therapy to improve family communication and resolve relational dynamics.

What types of problems do you address?
My clients are people facing a wide range of life challenges. Among my areas of expertise are helping clients:

  • Recover from eating disorders--anorexia, bulimia, binge eating
  • Cope with negative thoughts and feelings
  • Manage anxiety and stress
  • Strengthen communication skills and improve relationships
  • Adjust to new situations and life transitions
  • Cultivate more satisfaction and joy in daily life
  • Gain a positive self-image

What if I can't afford therapy?
I understand that financial challenges can make therapy seem out of reach. I do offer reduced fee services to those in financial need.

How do I begin?
I invite you to contact me so we can set up a time for an initial consultation.

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